Why Do My Cups Gape?


This problem usually arises when small breasted women cannot find cups small enough sometimes going down to an “AA” cup. In our experience this seems to be a problem in the bigger busted women as the “C” cup just does not support but it seems too big.

If this sounds familiar you are suffering from “Big Band Syndrome”. Women will try different cups but will seldom consider dropping the band size. The problem that arises here is that almost all of the time you need increase your cup size! By a couple of sizes! This is another reason why a professional fitting is a less stressful easier way to ascertain your actual bra size.

If you have been happy with your bra and suddenly the cup starts gaping it can be due to a number of things.

  1. Your bra has stretched due to it being way past its use by date or poor fabric integrity
  2. You have lost weight

I would suggest you go to our fitting guide  and do a self-assessment.

Try going down in the band and up in the cup. If you find your bra is too tight try a bigger cup until the bra appears snug and supportive. It is important to note at this stage that bras are not comfortable; you should know that you are wearing one. The comfort is in the support. For bras to support they need to be snug and close to the body, if they are loose they offer a covering not support.

Most of the time gaping cups are due to loose bands rather than big cups.


  • by jabu mngadi on
    I m 48 yrs old and a hard working women i wear size 36 DD buttmy problem is that some times I worklong hours by 15 h 30 I will be do uncomfortable sometimes I took off the bra im my car on my way home .
  • by Siphiwe on

    I can’t seem to find the right size,its either big or small.

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