• Why Does My Bra Wire Hurt Me?

    This is a common complaint and often a diagnosis before we even see our new client. The correspondence goes like this: “I am desperately looking for a wire free bra because it hurts” Or “I have been advised that I cannot wear a wire because it will hurt me” or “I do not wear a wire because I am allergic to it”. If your wire hurts your breast it is the first sign that your bra cup is too small. Now don’t rush out and buy a bigger bra cup because chances are you will still...
  • Why Do My Cups Gape?

    This problem usually arises when small breasted women cannot find cups small enough sometimes going down to an “AA” cup. In our experience this seems to be a problem in the bigger busted women as the “C” cup just does not support but it seems too big. If this sounds familiar you are suffering from “Big Band Syndrome”. Women will try different cups but will seldom consider dropping the band size. The problem that arises here is that almost all of the time you need increase your cup size! By a couple of sizes! This is...
  • Why do I need to make an appointment to get the specialised service offered at Liza Clifford Professional Bra Fitting Studio.

    Each client is allocated a fitter, whether you make an appointment in the studio or in the Mobile Studio setting. It is very important that your first fitting be uninterrupted and accurate as this sets the tone for all future purchases at Liza Clifford or any other retail outlet. It is important to note that the size you are fitted as at Liza Clifford is the size you are at other retailers. Most of the sizes available at Liza Clifford are not readily available, this does not mean that our sizes are different; it means that...
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